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The Biggest  BC & RESILIENCE Event in AFRICA


In a world where unpredictability is the only certainty, ADAPT AFRICA emerges as a pivotal conference focused on fortifying the backbone of Africa's economic landscape—its businesses and governance structures. This forum is dedicated to elevating awareness and bolstering the pillars of business continuity and resilience across the continent. With a mission tailored to Africa's unique market dynamics and challenges, ADAPT AFRICA serves as a beacon of knowledge, sharing critical strategies and innovative practices to safeguard enterprises and public entities against disruptions. It's not just about surviving the storms of economic and natural adversities but thriving through them. By nurturing a network of leaders, experts, and policymakers, ADAPT AFRICA engages in a vital dialogue, enlightens with transformative insights, and empowers with actionable solutions. The conference is an essential convergence point for those committed to shaping a robust future for Africa’s vibrant economies, ensuring they are resilient, responsive, and ready to capitalize on opportunities that promise growth and prosperity.
About Us


A – Africa: Emphasizing the continent as the focal point for enhancing resilience and continuity strategies.

D – Development: Focusing on sustainable growth and the strengthening of economic foundations.

A – Adaptability: Cultivating the ability to adjust to new conditions, an essential trait for both businesses and governments.

P – Preparedness: Encouraging readiness for potential challenges, ensuring stability in times of uncertainty.

T – Transformation: Driving change towards more robust and resilient operational models.

Conference Slogan

Engage: The conference actively incorporates attendees into meaningful dialogue and collaborative efforts, ensuring a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies. It’s about creating a participatory environment where every voice contributes to collective progress and innovation.


Enlighten: The conference aims to disseminate and exchange knowledge, offering a deep dive into cutting-edge trends, strategies, and technological advancements in the realm of business continuity and resilience. It’s about equipping participants with the insights needed to navigate and lead in an ever-evolving business landscape.


Empower: The initiative is designed to provide attendees with the necessary tools, bolster their confidence, and offer resources that are essential for the practical application of their acquired knowledge. It’s about instilling a sense of capability and readiness to put their insights into action for tangible advancements in their fields.



Knowledge Exchange

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Technology and Automation

Implementation Insights

BCMS Implementation

AN exceptional audience

Why You Need to be here?

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What We Offer


Innovative subjects presented by experts from different sectors and backgrounds


Tailored workshops adapted to every sector needs

After Party

Enjoy great networking moments, with exceptional moments at the gala dinner party! Surprises to discover!!!!  

Our Speakers

Meet Keynotes Speakers

Alberto Manfredi

President CSA Italy

Tim Marjason

FBCI, Managing Director
Marjason Consulting DWC-LLC

Federica Maria Rita Livelli

MBCI, BC & Cybersecurity expert

Event Details

Conference in the weekend!

Enjoy one of the best touristic sites in the world, taste delicious mediterranean food, meet professionals from different corners of the world, and make it a week-end of your dreams! 


Medina Conference and Expo Center, Hammamet, TUNISIA.




Phone: +216 99882020 - +21658605423

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